10 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!! This morning Chris and I fixed Vicky a nice breakfast including maple bacon, strawberry crepes and fresh fruit.

I'm not sure I mentioned it, but Vicky is going to be the isolation coach at the upcoming competitions. Because she will be in isolation with the kids, she will not get to see Chris climb. So for our 14th anniversary, we bought ourselves a new Sony HD Handycam. Here is a link to a test video that we shot while at the gym in Orlando yesterday. The video is approximately 12MB so it will take a few minutes to download depending on your connection speed. The video will then be on your computer so you can play it back to your hearts content.

I'm going to continue to investigate different ways to publish the videos. But in the meantime, here is another test link. This link will stream the video to your web browser. You don't have to wait as long, but the video will be smaller.

This coming Saturday is the Florida Regional Competition taking place over in Orlando. I'll try to update this site as soon as I can following the competition.

4 May 2009

Yesterday we drove up to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge for a nice 5 mile walk/hike. It was bit warm but the breeze kept it comfortable. It took us about 3.5 hours to walk the Cruickshank Trail. This is really the wrong time of the year to go bird watching as the winter months of January and February are when the bird population is at its peak. But we did see a number of birds and was able to capture a few photos. My 50-150mm Sigma lens did ok, but I was really longing for the reach of a 400mm or 500mm lens.

We saw a lot of egrets and herons. We also saw an illusive red-wing blackbird that would hardly sit still long enough for me to get a picture. We saw a few rays in the water, but again, I wasn't quick enough with the camera. I did get a number of pictures, though, including some with the Vehicle Assembly Building in the background.

On the drive home as we were going over the causeway, we noticed a number of people out "kite boarding".

26 April 2009

Wow! How time flies. I couldn't believe it has been two months since I updated my page. Here are several new photo albums:

In all three competitions Chris finished first but in each case it was a very close finish with Davis Stewart from Orlando. We have a couple weeks off from the competitions until the Regional Competition on the 17th of May in Orlando. I don't know if I'll be able to get pictures or not as I am now the Assistant Regional Coordinator and Vicky is the Isolation Coach.

In the rollor coaster pictures from Busch Gardens, look for Vicky and Chris in the next to last row.

For the Orlando competition I had bought a new 1.8/f 50mm prime lens for my camera. This fast lens allowed me to shoot nearly all pictures without a flash. Previously my main lens was a 2.8/f 50-150mm Sigma lens. I'm not sure what I'll use at Nationals yet in July.

27 February 2009

Today is an off-Friday and I managed to go into the office for only a couple of hours this morning. That means I've had an opportunity to sort through our pictures from Colorado and get them uploaded to my web site. Included in the photo album are pictures from our visit to Celestial Seasons, the competition, our day skiing and a couple picture from last weekend's team party at the climbing gym.

14 February 2009

6:00pm... The results are in... Chris finished in 18th place. The top 15 move on to finals tomorrow... so close... We are proud of Chris as it is an accomplishment just to get to this stage. Next week Chris will begin training for the rope season. Not sure what tomorrow is going to hold in store for us. I suppose Chris has some homework to catch up on. Monday we'll go skiing.

14 February 2009

A quick update... I'll post more later. Chris climbed strong this morning. He completed the first 3 of the 4 routes and nearly completed the last route. The fourth route was definitely the most challenging. We are now waiting for the final results to be posted to see if Chris made it to the finals tomorrow.

The gym was packed and we could not get a very good view of Chris's climbs. In fact, the first three climbs we really didn't see him on the wall during the climbs. We could see him get started and then watch his reaction when he came down. I tried to get a few pitcures here and there so we'll see. The last route I was able to take several pictures. Again, I'll have to wait until I get home to process the pictures as this laptop that I have with me does not have the necessary software.

Well we are heading back to the gym to see if the scores are posted.

13 Feburary 2009

I spent a couple of hours visiting one of our customers in Longmont, CO while I was out here answering questions about a software package that we delivered to them. Afterwards, we checked Chris in with the competition organizers. He should be climbing about 12:00 tomorrow. I'll post results later in the day. Afterwards, we took a tour of the Redstone Meadery. It is like a winery, except the mead is made with honey instead of grapes. It is believed to be the oldest form of alcohol.

We drove up to the Eldora Ski Lodge to kind of scope things out for Monday when we plan on going skiing. It is anticipated the Monday will be busy with it being a holiday. Oh well, we'll make the best of it. It seems that most of there slopes are on the more difficult end... I suppose we'll be spending most of our time on the few green slopes they have and then maybe venture on to some of the blue slopes later in the day. With just one day of skiing, I doubt we'll venture on to any of the black diamond routes.

12 February 2009

Chris's rock climbing accomplishments are taking us to a new location today we begin our mini-vacation to Boulder, CO. The rock climbing gym "The Spot" is hosting the ABS National Competition. Chris was one of three boys from Florida that qualified for an invitation to Nationals last month during the regional competition in Orlando, FL. Details can be followed at the ABS website and I'll also post results here in the evenings. Pictures will have to wait until I get back home.

The week started a bit rough and the trip was called into question as Chris started feeling bad last Sunday and then diagnosed with the flu on Monday. He missed school all of this week and has some catching up to do but we decided to go ahead and make the trip to Colorado. This morning had a few pleasant surprises. On the way to the airport, I had forgotten to fill up the tank on the rental car. So, instead of heading into the airport, I head north on SR-436 to find a gas station. Lo-and-behold the Hertz rental car return is right across the street from the gas station. I thought we were going to be running late but instead we wound up saving time... (I planned it that way. wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Today we are flying Frontier airlines (no way I flying AirTran again). I am not sure what deal Vicky worked out with Expedia when booking our flights, but we didn't have to pay the baggage fee (saved $30). And while not first class, we are sitting in row 1 which means we are first to board and deplane. In addition, we didn't have to pay for our individual TVs on the plane (saved another $15).

We arrived in Boulder early enough to take a tour of the Celestial Seasons Tea factory. It was very interesting to watch how the packages are put together on the assembly line and we also had the opportunity to sample any of the 104 varieties of tea. Yum.

4 January 2009

Happy New Year!! It is hard to believe that it is already 2009. Where has the time gone? Taking a look at my web site it is obvious that it has been a while since my last update so this may turn into a lengthy entry. So where has the time gone?

Through the months of August and September, I was very busy at work as we were going through Factory Acceptance Testing and Site Acceptance Testing. Most of September was spent out in Phoenix, AZ. While out there I did get up to Sedona for a day.

At the end of October, Chris was awarded for his accomplishments in school. As a treat, we took Chris out to Red Lobster for a celebratory dinner. Chris has maintained a high GPA and scored very well on the FCAT tests. Chris was one of a only few from his school that were recognized at the district award ceremony.

While making our final delivery for our project at work, I spent a week up in Virginia and managed to spend a couple of hours in Washington, D.C. to walk around the mall and see the monuments.

After my trip to Virginia, I helped Chris with his Science Fair project. Chris is building a personal hovercraft. I think he had a lot of fun building it - but it is noisy. If we could just put a muffler on this thing...


A Saturday morning at the beach offered an opportunity to take some pictures of the sunrise.

After spending the day at the rock climbing gym in Miami, we traveled to Everglade City for a kayaking/camping adventure around the mangroves. Our guide, Dave, helped us pack our kayaks as we had to take everything we would need for the next three days. This included tents, sleeping bags as well as food and water. There was no running back to the car or to the grocery store. The weather during the trip was fantastic.

The first day, Sunday, the conditions could not have been any better. Water was flat and the winds calm. After getting packed, Dave gave us some instructions and then we were in the water. Vicky and I were in one tandem kayak while Jason and Chris were in another. Our guide had a kayak to himself. Jason and I manned the rear seat of our kayaks which has the responsibility of steering the kayak. We made our way to Picnic Key in a matter of just a few hours and then it was time to setup camp. The mosquitoes and no-see-em's were pretty bad. After camp was setup, it was time to gather some firewood and relax with a hot meal and some wine around the campfire.

Where we were camping on Picnic Key afforded us a beautiful view of the sunset. The conditions were supposedly perfect to see the green flash both nights we were there but we did not have such luck. After sun went down, the stars came out. Oh to see such sights! Being well removed from civilization and all of the light pollution really allows one to experience the majestic night sky. We saw several shooting stars and I managed to see one Earth grazer - a slower moving shooting star that lasts a little bit longer.

On Monday the day was available to do whatever we wanted. Our guide suggesting seeing some oyster beds an that is where we set off to. We managed to get a couple of oysters open which Vicky and Chris sampled. Since we did not have any fresh water to rinse them with, they were a bit salty. The later afternoon was relaxing as we hung around the camp. It was a bit windy that evening and it seemed that no matter where you stood, the smoke from the fire would find you.

Tuesday it was time to pack the camp up and load the kayaks for the return trip to civilization.

All of the pictures taken while kayaking were using Chris's Nikon Coolpic camera as I was uncomfortable taking my camera out on the water. It would have been nice to have my camera and attempt to take some pictures of the night sky. Maybe another trip... It would be an experience to go someplace like that and watch a meteor shower.


While Jason's home for the winter break, he made a request that we make a trip to the Brevard Zoo.


Finally, yesterday we spent the day at the Kennedy Space Center. Chris's class had taken a field trip there last month and Chris was rewarded with a pass to bring his family which we took advantage of yesterday. The weather was fantastic... partly cloudy, temperatures were mid to low 70s.

26 July 2008

Chris and Vicky went up into northern California to visit Lassen Volcanic National Park and then spend some time on the coast. There was a bit of change in plans as many roads in the area were closed due the number of forest fires in the area. While traveling, they found a large cat facility that offers tours. Be sure to visit the photo album.

19 July 2008

I've created a photo album with pictures from our trip to California for Chris's rock climbing competition. Chris did very well having completed his first qualifier route and getting through the majority of the second qualify route. It turned out he was just a couple of holds shy of making the semi-final round. Full results can be found here. The gyms out there are phenomenal - huge walls and a lot of different terrain. Now, if we could just get a gym like that here in Florida...

Other highlights from trip include dining out the other team members, going bowling, and playing putt putt golf. Chris and Vicky continued there vacation up into Northern California while I needed to get back to work. I'll have more pictures posted later after they get home.

21 June 2008

Below is a recount of our Spring Break trip North Carolina. We were actually staying in South Carolina at a timeshare but spent most of our time in North Carolina on or around Looking Glass Dome. Warning! More rocking pictures!

7 April 2008

Today was spent climbing outdoors at Looking Glass Dome. Chris, Vicky and I all climbed with our guide, Rod Thomas. Chris climbed last year over spring break with Rod and Chris really enjoyed the trip so we thought we would tag along also. I must tell you, climbing outdoors is a lot different than at the gym.

I can't remember the names of the routes but they were all in the 5.8 range. Of course these are a lot harder than a 5.8 in the gym. Here are a few pictures of Vicky and Chris climbing. I'll have to be sure we get some pictures of me next time. There is one picture in the gallery of Looking Glass from the road and includes the area Chris and Rod will be climbing tomorrow.

8 April 2008

Vicky and I took the day off from Rock Climbing. We decided Chris and Rod go out and climb some hard stuff (more interesting for them) while we went and took some pictures of some of the waterfalls in the area (more relaxing for us). This area of the country has a remarkable number of waterfalls.

Chris and Rod went out the an area of Looking Glass called The Nose. This is a premier area of climbing for those that are capable. Rod took some pictures out there as Chris made his way up the wall. Thanks Rod!

9 April 2008

Today we all set out to Looking Glass again to take on the multi-pitch route Second Coming. This route was a lot of fun and awarded us with a spectacular view of the area from the top. We took a lot of pictures... including some of me climbing this time.

10 April 2008

Today we ventured out on some hikes and to take more pictures of waterfalls in the area. This time Chris went with us and also took some with his camera. There are a couple of cute pictures... One of Chris taking a picture of himself and one of the resulting picture.

20 June 2008

You can use this link to follow Chris's progress at Nationals in California. The competition takes place on July 11-13.

OK, these pictures are a bit dated... these are from the Florida Regional competition last month. This was the qualifying event that gave Chris the invite to compete at Divisionals.

The event of the format is an "on-sight". For this format, each climber will have one opportunity to climb three routes. When they fall, they are done with the route and will move on to the next climb. They are not allowed to watch the climbers while they are climbing to prevent picking up any "beta" or help.

It was an exciting event, particularly for Chris. He and David (from Orlando) all "flashed", or completed, their routes. Since they do not allow ties at this competition, they went to a tie-breaker, or "Super Final". The Super Final route was one that the older climbers were using for a lead climb. They setup a rope so Chris and David could top rope the route. Once again, David and Chris both completed the climb - they are still tied! They set up another lead climb as a top rope, but this time, David and Chris had to unclip the rope from the draws as they went up. Chris did very well on the route but David managed to edge him out. "Good Job!" to both David and Chris. Complete Results.

18 June 2008

Well, it looks like a while since my last update. I'll have to go back through pictures and see what we have to upload. But for now, here are pictures from last weekends rock climbing competition that took place in Charlotte, NC. This is the last qualifier event before the National competition in California next month.

The day started very early with Chris going into isolation at 8:00am. They would climb two qualifying routes in the morning before the finals route later that afternoon. Due to the positioning of the routes, I was not able to get any pictures of Chris's first qualifying route. Chris did not have much trouble with the route as it was the easiest of the three he would face. Chris and Calvin Wagner (current National Champion) were the only two climbers in the Male Youth-C category to complete the 2nd qualifier. This set up the showdown going in the finals.

During the finals climb, very few managed to get over the "lip" or the overhanging section of the wall. Chris, being tied for first place, was the last to climb in the boys group. He called a technical during his climb as the roped was wrapped around a hold and was not able to free the rope from the hold. This made for a possibly dangerous situation and Chris made the right decision to call the technical. After being lowered from the climb, he was placed into isolation again away from all other climbers as he now has to wait the for the girls to climb their finals route.

When he was allowed to come back out and attempt the climb again, we knew he had to "flash" the route to have a chance at first as Calvin was the only one that had completed the finals route. Chris executed the beginning sequence perfectly where many others had fallen. In fact Chris managed to get further on the route than any other boys except for Calvin placing Chris in a very solid second place.

7 December 2007

I guess I have a little catching up to do. Wow, 3 months since my last update. Well, here is what has been keeping me busy the last couple of months. Work itself has been a bit hectic as we are gearing up for a release to the customer in January. But things are progress even though there is still a lot to do.

Chris is still rock climbing and competing in the Bouldering Series Comps. You can follow his results here. His next two competitions will be in January. My computer recently died and it has taken a couple of weeks now to get things back to the point that I can now update my site again. Chris dressed up as a Jedi Knight for halloween. As usual he enjoys having his picture taken. A few days later the school had an award ceremony for the academic achievers. Chris received one award for A/B honor roll and another for doing great on last year's FCAT tests.

Jason is doing well in school. It is a bit different being away from home and having to deal with roommates. He attended a special award ceremony for those that received the honor of being a Rensselaer Medallist. One of Jason's friends captured the moment in pictures.

I have taken a few photos of Comet Holmes while it was visible. I don't have a telescope but did manage a couple of decent photos with my Sigma 50-150mm 2.8/f lens. Included in the gallery is a shot of the Pleiades and Orion's sword.

My latest project around the house has been to build a new guest bed. I am frantically trying to get this finished before Jason gets home for the holidays. I have been taking pictures along the way and have collected those into this gallery.

5 September 2007

OK, the photo albums are being generated and uploaded as I type this. All of the photos from summer vacation are now online and I am working some additional albums including Jason's Graduation Jasons High School Graduation Photo Album and Chris's Summer Camp at Sea World/Busch Gardens Summer Camp 2007 Photo Album.

2 September 2007

If you were following our journey's while on vacation, be sure go back and re-visit the entries. I had updated the journal while on vacation, but did not get a chance to upload them and then they were forgotten about for a while after we got back. Also, I'm updating the entry for our day at Niagara Falls. Be sure to at least visit the pictures from that day.

Hello all, it has been a while since I've updated the site so I have a bit of catching up to do. While we were on vacation, we had the floors in the house redone. All of the tile and carpets were torn out and the original terrazzo floors were restored. Using a diamond grind and polish, Classic Terrazzo did a fantastic job putting a high gloss polish on the floors. The dogs think the house has turned into an ice skating rink when they start running around. Anyway, we've been busy painting the interior of the house before moving the furniture back and wow, painting is a lot of work. Here it is a month and half later and things are finally starting to settle down again.

Jason is off to school and has just completed his first week of college. In case you haven't heard, Jason is attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. We took a few photos before he left.

14 July 2007

We decide to head to the airport early since we had heard security has been tightened due to recent attacks in Scotland and attempts in London. Our flight is scheduled to leave at 12:30pm and we arrive at the airport at 10:15. It took 45 minutes get through the AirTran line to check our bags and get our boarding passes. Security wasn't as bad, but it took another 30 minutes. We stood in line for another 20 minutes at the Uno Pizzeria and got to the gate just in time for boarding.

The flight attendants were trying to make room for some additional parties (standbys?) and asked if we would mind moving up to the business class section. Cool!

The plane sat at the gate for two hours after boarding due to storms and air traffic between Boston and Orlando. Our 12:25pm flight did not take off until about 2:15pm. There is probably not much AirTran could have done in this case, but I seriously doubt that I will travel AirTran again. I have never had this much traveling before.

13 July 2007

Well vacation is starting to wind down as we make our way back to Boston for the flight home tomorrow. The plan was to visit MetroRock one last time but Chris was not feeling real well. Instead, we decided to head straight to the hotel and get all of our bags arranged. It is amazing how much stuff we carried with us on this trip.

12 July 2007 July 12 Photo Album

We stayed on campus last night and experienced spending the night in one of the dorms. I wish I had remembered to take the camera along during our tours, but I guess I didn't think that we would have that many picture taking moments.

Jason is going to begin the drive home while Vicky, Chris and I will return to the campsite that we abandoned a few days ago. The campground is pretty nice - when the weather is nice. Of course, that stands for just about any campground. Chris went to the beach and had fun catching salamanders. Later we took a walk around the park and saw some nice mountain streams running down to the lake.

11 July 2007

The day today was spent touring the campus where Jason will be spending his next four years. The campus is very nice and I believe was an excellent choice by Jason. A lot of the sessions seemed to reiterate how great a school Rensselaer is and also to coach the parents into "letting go" and let the students make decisions for themselves.

10 July 2007 July 10 Photo Album

The tour of the campus does not start until tomorrow so we set off in search of adventures today around Albany. A little west of Albany we find the Howe Caverns. One thing that makes these caverns unique is that there is an underground lake. The tour guides take you on a boat ride on a portion of the lake / river.

9 July 2007 July 9 Photo Album

After getting our tent packed up, we took a drive through the park and took several pictures of the waterfalls here. While the campsite was only so-so, the waterfalls are very nice.

Our next campsite is at the Cherry Plains State Park in New York. It is raining as we pull into the park and we find Jason is already here and has his tent set up on the site. After 30 minutes or so, the rain lets up a bit and scope out the campsites. The campsite we had reserved has water running through it the ground is not level. We find some other sites that look favorable and make arrangements with the ranger. Of course, while doing this, the rain starts again and we wait in the cars for the rain to stop. If only it was just that simple. You see, the rain is coming down harder and harder and the wind is kicking up. We finally decide that camping is just not going to work tonight. Even if we could get the tent set up, it would be impossible to cook dinner on a wet campfire.

Jason dons his rain gear and gathers up his tent in the downpour and we head into Albany to find a hotel. This will work a lot better anyway as the campground was a good 30 or 45 minutes away from the school. On the way, we find the winds had been really bad in one area as there are power lines and trees down across the road blocking our way. Using the laptop along with a GPS unit, we find an alternate route.

8 July 2007

Unfortunately Chris finished in 11th place and just missed making to the finals and will not be climbing today. We have a 10 to 11 hour drive to Albany so we are going to go ahead and leave Ann Arbor today and break the drive up over the next two days.

Not much else to write about today except that it took an hour and a half to get through the immigration traffic back into the US. While we were crossing the bridge back into the US, the traffic was at a crawl. At one point Vicky and I were on the US side of the border while Chris was in the back seat on the Canada side of the border.

Jason stayed in Ann Arbor to watch the finals and will meet us in Albany Monday afternoon.

7 July 2007 July 7 Photo Album

Chris is in a 10-way tie for first with some of the best climbers in the country. We know that the route will be super hard as they want to break all of the ties today and not worry about any ties going into the finals. As a show of team spirit and enthusiasm for making it to the second day, Chris had a special haircut. He has the letters "OTE" carved into his hair. In case you are wondering, OTE is short for "On The Edge", the name of the home gym.

Well, we were right. The route was hard with none of the competitors completing the climb to the finish. In fact only 2 or 3 managed to get past the halfway point. Chris did awesome but just missed the cut off to get into the finals. They take the top 10 into the finals and Chris finished in a tie for 11th place. Mom and Dad are very proud of him for having made it to Nationals and doing as well as he did.

Chris also qualified to compete in the speed competition at Nationals. Now speed is not really his strong point in climbing, but we have learned that it is good for him to practice from time to time as it will help his technical climbing as well. Chris climbed hard at speed but did not make it past the qualifying round.

6 July 2007 July 6 Photo Album

Today is the first day of the National Championships. Chris successfully completed both of his qualifying routes to put him in a tie for first place. During the first climb, I snagged a couple of good photos, but I wound getting so wrapped up in cheering him on during the second climb that I didn't get that many pictures on the second route. June 30 Photo Album

The top 16 will move on to the semi-finals tomorrow.

Jason surprised us and showed up in Ann Arbor. Turns out he had some pretty wild adventures while hiking along the Appalachian trail. Probably the most exciting part was when a black bear crossed his path and would not get out of the path. After banging a water bottle on a tree for a while, the bear finally left but left Jason no desire to continue the hike.

5 July 2007July 5 Photo Album

Happy Birthday Christopher! Chris turns 11 today... hard to believe.

Chris and I went out on a hike on the trails while Vicky slept in. We were hoping to catch a glimpse of deer in the area, but no such luck. We did see signs of them - but no sightings. We did see a lot of birds and rabbits and a couple of woodchucks.

Having eaten breakfast and packing up the tent, we made the drive to Ann Arbor. Arriving at the hotel, we met up with the rest of the team and went to the Macaroni Grill for a team outing. Tomorrow is the big day.

4 July 2007July 4 Photo Album

The Fourth of July was spent at Niagara Falls. The weather is pretty overcast and drizzling so it was not the best of conditions. Many of the pictures from today were taken with Chris's camera as I was afraid to take my camera out in the rain.

After we arrived, we took a tour "behind the falls." There are tunnels dug out underneath the escarpment back in the early 1900's that provide a close up view of the water falling. Aside from the water, there really isn't anything else to see. In fact, a couple of "windows" into the falls look exactly the same. Really not that much different than being at home during a hurricane and watching the wind and rain out the window.

We stopped at a restaurant that overlooks the falls and the view was fantastic. The food was overpriced for the quality and quantity, but I think you are really paying for the view and atmosphere.

After lunch, we took a ride on the "Maid of the Mist" boat tour that took us pretty close to the falls. This boat ride is a must do as you get a phenomenal view, both sight and sound, of the falls.

The gondola ride took us across the river over an area that is a giant whirlpool. You have to look pretty close to see the whirlpool in action, but it is there. The giant pool in the background of some of these photos swirls in a giant counterclockwise motion.

The butterfly garden was interesting as you get to see thousands of butterflies up close. Sometimes they even land on you. While I was able to use my camera here, being slightly indoors and the rains had mostly stopped, I did not bring my telephoto lens with me which would have made for some awesome photos. Oh well... there is a butterfly garden down in Ft. Lauderdale that I'll have to go visit now and I'll be better prepared.

At the end of the day we had dinner at the local Rain Forest Cafe before we made the drive back to camp. The holiday fireworks did not start until nearly 10:00 and we had a long drive back to camp. Since Chris has a few big days ahead of him at Nationals, we decided to forego the fireworks and get back on time so everybody stays rested.

3 July 2007 June 30 Photo Album

Today was a largely uneventful day as we made the drive to our next campsite. The campsite is very nice and overlooks Lake Ontario. We did take a few pictures before leaving and again after setting up at our new location within site of a light house.

2 July 2007 June 30 Photo Album

Before heading to Carabiners for Chris's last workout prior to Nationals, we drove over to a nearby beach, Scusset Beach. One thing I should mention about the beach here is that it is cooold. The wind didn't help but I don't see how anybody can go in the water here. Otherwise the beach was nice and just on the other side of the canal from where the boardwalk was last night. We did get to see a large cargo ship entering the canal being pushed and pulled by some tug boats.

Carabiners was a fun gym. The majority of the walls are 65ft high and mostly vertical. However, there are a lot of unique features to this gym that just make it fun. Be sure to look at the photos because it is hard to describe all of the unique climbs that the gym has to offer.

We started Chris off on the Regional competition routes but quickly decided that the Male Youth D category routes would be too easy (5.9, 5.10). Instead, we put Chris on the Male Youth C routes (5.10, 5.11) where he flashed the first two routes and came just a couple holds from the finish of the third route.

1 July 2007 June 30 Photo Album

Our trip to the New England Aquarium was originally supposed to happen on Friday. But with the delays with the airline, our trip to the aquarium was in jeopardy. The trip to the aquarium was the highest thing on our list of things to see and do in Boston but the schedule was all messed up. We rearranged a few things a decided to head there this morning before moving on to our next campsite.

The aquarium has a phenomenal tank that is four stories high with a large number of fish as well as sharks, rays, turtles, and eels. I think this tank was everybodies favorite attraction within the aquarium. Other exhibits included the penguins, jellyfish, tropical tanks, and seals.

After our visit, we went drove to our next campsite and then took a walk on a nearby boardwalk.

30 June 2007 June 30 Photo Album

We spent the morning at Metro Rock getting some more practice in for Nationals. Chris climbed the Q1 and Q2 routes, completing both climbs to the top. The final route that was climbed at Divisional's, Chris climbed about 2/3 of the route before taking a fall. Vicky and I found a few fun routes to climb as well. While I was climbing, Chris played photographer so we have a few pictures of me climbing again.

Later, we took a tour of the Freedom Trail through Boston. The tour was guided by a gentleman dressed in period custom as James Otis. This tour took as started at the Boston Common and ended at Faneil Hall with several stop along the way telling of the history of Boston.

Another guided tour, Ghosts and Graveyards, took us on a trip to some of Boston's oldest cemeteries. Many stories were told of some of the famous ghosts that have haunted Boston, but was not otherwise a particularly scary adventure.

29 June 2007 June 30 Photo Album

After having breakfast at the hotel, Courtyard by Marriott, we decided to go see the monument at Bunker Hill. This monument was erected in memorial of the Battle of Bunker Hill. As you may, or may not know, the Battle of Bunker Hill was actually fought on nearby Breed's Hill. This battle was the origin of the famous quote, "Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!" The monument is an obelisk that is similar to, and predates, the Washington Monument. We walked to the top of monument, all 297 steps to the top.

After touring the monument, we took Chris over to the rock climbing gym, Metro Rock. The facilities are very nice with a lot of wall space and features. Chris found some of the routes "reachy" but that is not uncommon. We did find some of the routes from the divisional competition that he could practice "on-sight". He flashed the Q1 routes for both the Male Youth D and Male Youth C categories. Tomorrow, we'll go back and he will on-sight the Q2 and Final routes for Male Youth D.

After getting caught in the rush hour traffic in downtown Boston on a Friday afternoon heading into a holiday week, we made it to the Samuel Adams Brewery just in time for their last tour of the day.

28 June 2007

Today starts our summer vacation. We will be flying into Boston and spending a few days there to see the sights. The we begin making our way to Ann Arbor to Chris's rock climbing competition. We will be sure to see some sights along the way. One highlight being Niagara Falls. On the way back, we will stop in Albany, New York to tour Jason's new school, RPI.

Well it looks like it is going to be a bit of a rough start. This is the first time we have flown AirTran Airways - and likely the last. Granted some of the circumstances are beyond their control, but you can only make a first impression once. And I am not impressed.

We arrive at Daytona Beach Airport in plenty of time to return the car rental, check our bags, and make our flight. We board the plane to Atlanta, GA and things are looking good. Ahhh, we like vacation...

The plane touches down in Atlanta early but for one reason or another, was slow pulling into the gate. We rush to the next gate only stopping to use the restroom and grab a coffee on the run. Vicky and Chris were literally racing each other down the people mover sidewalks. We arrive at our next gate to find the gate closed and the plane pulling away.

We come to find out that the flight was over booked and our seats had been given away to people on standby. About 5 people on the flight from Daytona Beach made the flight and a dozen of us did not. Needless to say, we were all pretty upset. One little girl, about 5 years old, was in tears because she was afraid of losing her luggage.

The worst thing was this young lady that was trying to get her boys on the flight. One of which was on the plane, Mom and the other boy were sitting in the chairs next to the gate - under the direction of the gate attendant - and they missed the flight because the attendant did not come back and get the other boy on the flight. So mom has one boy in Atlanta and the other on his way to Boston - alone. She maintained her composure a lot better than I would have. They would have probably had to tie me up in a straight-jacket.

The attendants did get us booked onto another flight, but not until 6:00 that evening. We would not arrive in Boston until 9:00. After spending some time at Customer Service, along with a lot of other people that were having issues with the airline, we did manage to find a flight to Boston going through Philadelphia. The plan is now to leave Atlanta about 12:30 and arrive in Boston about 4:30. That would still give us time to get Chris to the Metro Rock gym for his Thursday night practice.

The flight from Atlanta to Philadelphia was a bit bumpy at times but otherwise uneventful. The flight from Philadelphia, however, was impacted by high traffic and bad weather in and around Boston. After circling around for a while, the plane was directed to Providence, RI for refueling.

We did not arrive in Boston until 7:30 and all plans of getting Chris to the gym were out of question. We decided to call it a day and go find our luggage, get our car, and get to the hotel.

24 June 2007

Last weekend we took the boys down to one of our friend's house where she has a farm. Lisa has a farm... EIEIO... And on this farm she has some chicks... EIEIO... Seriously she has chickens, horses, cow, and goats. The goats had kids that have since been sold. The goats, Sugar and Spice, are about to be weaned. Lisa invited us down to see the goats and learned how to milk the goats. Be sure to visit the pictures as words will not do it justice.

19 May 2007 Jason's Graduation

Jason's big day is here! Today Jason graduates with honors from Melbourne High School. Jason is one of a select 10 graduates to graduate with a 4.0 unweighted GPA. Also, Jason was the only male to do so.

After the graduation ceremony, we took Jason to the Charthouse for dinner where he ordered a pan seared tuna steak. I believe he is concerned that they may not serve such entrees at RPI when he attends college in the fall.

21 March 2007

Well it looks like it has been a while since I've updated the site. I have quite a few updates and lots of pictures. I guess I better get busy and upload these pictures as we will soon be on Spring Break. Chris will be competing in a competition in Charleston, SC. Afterwards, we will drive over to Chattanooga where Chris will have opportunity to climb outdoors on real rocks! Then, at the end of the week, we have to drive all the way down to Miami where Chris will compete in another competition.

01/26/2007 - Chris's award for straight A's

02/01/2007 - Chris's Science Fair Project - 4th place

02/10/2007 - Rock Climbing Competition - Atlanta, GA

02/16/2007 - Winter Festival

03/17/2007 - Rock Climbing Competition - Melbourne, FL

19 January 2007

One of my hobbies is a wood working craft called "intarsia". Now it has been awhile since I've actively worked in the shop due to my arm injury. However, now that the cast is off and we are having a bit of cooler weather, I am hoping to get out in the shop a little more. I did take time this morning and took a few pictures of some of my previous intarsia projects. All of the woods used are their natural color. I don't use any dyes or stains. Using the natural color and grain of the wood, some very interesting pictures can be made.

19 January 2007

Last weekend Chris participated in the ABS 8 Regional's in Orlando. There was one particularly interesting problem that Chris tried many times and there is a nice sequence of pictures. Before I get into a description of this problem, first let me describe the overall groupings of the problems. There are 5 groups of problems each increasing in difficulty: Youth, Recreational, Intermediate, Advanced, and Open. Within each group, there are 10 problems also increasing in difficulty. Chris was not restricted to a particular group and completed all of the top Intermediate problems.

The problem I am about to describe was Open #2, or the 9th most difficult problem of all 50 routes set for the competition. The wall is a slab which has a very gentle incline away from the climber. The slab walls make for very interesting balance problems with few hand holds.

The starting hold is a very large feature hold that stood about head high for Chris. Wrapping both hands and arms around the hold, he had to pull himself up enough to get a knee and then a foot up on the hold before being able to stand on the starting hold. Once this has been accomplished, Chris had to extend his right foot several feet to the right to a small chip. Be sure to take a look at the close up photo of his foot on the chip. There really is not much to stand on. From this chip, he then had to make a single move to the finishing hold which is several feet to the right and above the chip.

Chris attempted this route several times, each time getting closer and closer. During one of his attempts, he came down and banging his left ribs into one of the holds for another route on the same wall. He was shaken up pretty bad but no serious damage. A few scrapes and a little bruising. Chris and I sat down and put some ice on the ribs. Vicky turned in his scorecard figuring he was done for the day. After a few minutes, Chris shook it off and was ready to go at it again asking, "Where's my scorecard?" After retrieving his card, he got back in line determined to not let the route get the best of him.

As the end of the competition was drawing to a close, Chris found himself standing on top of the starting hold when they called time. Now anybody climbing, or with their scorecard on a clipboard waiting their turn, can finish their last climb. Knowing this was his last attempt, Chris gave it everything he had. As he made the move for the finishing hold, his left hand grasped the hold. This was by far the closest he had come to accomplishing the route. Unfortunately, his momentum swung him off to the right and into the arms of one of the spotters. Chris was heartbroken that he didn't get it; but everybody cheered him on for his determination and persistence in not giving up.

He finished in first place for his age group. The complete results of the competition can be found here.

5 January 2007

Quick update on my arm... I went and saw the doctor this morning and he said we could cut the cast off. Yeah! I will still have to wear a splint on my arm for a while as the bone continues to heal. The splint will come off which makes taking a shower so much easier. Also, I can scratch those itches that were protected by the cast. Oh, that was frustrating at times!

Here is a set of pictures that I took new years eve. We stayed close to home and let the boys light off some firecrackers in the driveway. A few of the pictures were taken using time lapse photography which produced some very interesting results.

4 January 2007

Here are some photos from Christmas Eve. We took the boys out to the playground in order to burn off some energy. Every year, my mother has all of the immediate family over (or those that can make it). It is a wonderful time shared by all. A few gifts are opened by the children as a warm up to Christmas morning.

Christmas morning started off with a surprise breakfast. It looked all the preparations were being made to make omelets - chopped tomato, shredded cheese, eggs, etc... But it sure did seem like a lot of work considering that there would be 9 people to feed for breakfast. As it turns out there is a unique way to fix omelets customized for each individual. Everybody takes a freezer grade zip lock bag, drop in two eggs (not including the shell) add whatever ingredients desired. Now, squeeze out the air and zip shut. Squish the bag up really good to mix everything up. Drop the bag into a pot of boiling water for 13 minutes. After the time is up, open the zip lock bag and dump onto a plate. Viola! - omelet. They may be a bit runnier than normal as the juices from the veggies have no way of escaping. We are going to try making these the next time we go camping.

After breakfast we exchanged gifts and looked to see what Santa left. Later in the day we went to my Dad's and spent some time visiting. Here are the photos of the day.

Tuesday, the day after Christmas, we took the boys over to Vertical Ventures so Chris and Vicky could try out their Christmas presents (shoes and harness, respectively). I took my new SB-800 external flash that I received for Christmas and took a number of photos. The gym has been recently renovated with new padding and carpets replacing the old shredded tires. While an alternative for working out bouldering problems, the short wall really limit any top rope climbing.

31 December 2006

Happy New Year to everyone! This has turned into quite a year for me (and my family) and one I am ready to put behind me. Here it is 10 months after I took my fall and I am still in a cast. I do see the doctor this coming Friday and perhaps, just perhaps, the cast will come off.

Anyway, I have taken a lot of photos over the holidays and have a lot of catching up to do. This set of photos is from the 17th of December and another trip to the rock climbing gym. One image you might be interested in seeing is a picture that I converted into a mock magazine cover.

We exchanged gifts amongst ourselves on December 22nd before leaving for St. Petersburg. Here are a few pictures from the gift exchange along with our two dogs, Doc and Corky.

On the 23rd of December, we drove over to St. Petersburg to visit with my family over the holidays. That evening, we all drove to see this house that is decorated with over 200,000 lights. There are moving displays, music, and even a HO scale train set. During the holidays, their electric bill runs over $2,000 a month.

10 December 2006

We went to the beach again this morning to watch sunrise. This morning was supposed to offer a unique view of a planetary alignment of Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. Unfortunately we arrived at the beach a bit late but the clouds on the horizon would have prevented us from seeing it anyway.

9 December 2006

This morning was the annual Harris Children's Christmas party. Chris had fun with the events that we see every year such as the horse rides and the hay ride. This year they had a portable rock climbing wall from the gym. Also, there was a show of big cats from the Thunderhawk Big Cat Rescue. You can find the photos here.

This evening was the first night launch of the space shuttle in 4 years. We went over to the Melbourne causeway and I took a couple of photos. At the moment, I do not have a remote for the camera so I was limited to 30 second exposures. 30 seconds is the maximum setting before the camera goes into "bulb" mode and I am required to hold the shutter release down with my finger. I was concerned that holding the release with my finger would introduce too much camera shake. Still, I like the way the photos came out.

6 December 2006

The 4th grade class at Chris's school went to St. Augustine on a field trip. Both Vicky and I wanted to chaperone (need those volunteer hours!) but they could only take one of us. Since I've already missed so much work this year, Vicky stepped up and took on the challenge. The majority of the pictures were taken by Chris with a few by Vicky.

3 December 2006

Another sunrise at the beach. We did not get to see much of the sun, in fact, it rain on us on the way to the beach. But the clouds did make for a very pretty sunrise.

2 December 2006

Another day at the gym. Photos taken today were all with the kit lens and without the flash except the first photo of Vicky in the bouldering cave. Yes, that's right, Vicky has started climbing, too. Practice 11/19/2006

Also, the results of the Melbourne competition have been posted. Chris would have won the beginner division and would have finished in the middle of the pack in the intermediate division.

25 November 2006

Bryer came over to visit and this afforded me an opportunity to capture some pictures of Chris and Bryer running around in the back. I really like these candid shots of boys just being boys. Chris also borrowed my camera to get a couple of close ups of the ducks down at the pond. Practice 11/19/2006

24 November 2006

Chris and I took a walk down to the duck pond and took a few pictures. Afterwards we walked over to the tennis courts in search of a rose. I found one that was ok, but not a fantastic rose picture (as far as rose pictures go). I did take the picture and tried my hand at selective coloring. With my trial version of Photoshop Elements, I applied an adjustment layer to convert the image to a sepia tone. I then "erased" the adjustment layer where the rose is, in effect restoring the original color of the rose while the rest of the image is still sepia toned. You can find both the original and the edited image in the photo album. Practice 11/19/2006

23 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving! Today we made the drive to Moultrie, Georgia to spend Thanksgiving with Vicky's mom. After a wonderful dinner, (I ate way too much) we went downtown to see the turning on of the Christmas lights. The courthouse is all decorated and lights are hung over the streets. It was a perfect opportunity for me to play with the camera as I snapped pictures of the boys with real reindeer and the real Santa Claus ;-) Chris also had the chance to ride a pony. Practice 11/19/2006

22 November 2006

I am having a lot of fun with the new camera. I still have a lot to learn but should have some time to practice over the Thanksgiving weekend. I have processed the photos from Chris's rock climbing practices on 19th and 21st of this month. Practice 11/19/2006 Practice 11/21/2006

The results of the Orlando competition have been posted. Chris continues to perform exceptionally.

20 November 2006

I am back at work now so updates to the web site will probably slow down. I recently picked up a new Nikon D50 camera with a 18-55mm kit lens and have been experimenting with it. Saturday evening I took it out in an attempt to catch a Leonid meteor. No such luck; it is much harder than you would imagine. I did see two really nice meteors while I was out. I did capture a couple of images of some constellations, Orion and Cassiopeia. I also took some pictures at the gym on Sunday but did not correct all of the settings from the night before. But I think I still grabbed a couple of nice pictures of Chris practicing.

13 November 2006

I have a number of minor updates this morning...

First, I should be returning to work later today or tomorrow. THe doctor gave me the OK and I am now waiting on the call from human resources. It would be nice if I wasn't in this cast, but I am anxious to get out of the house and resuming a somewhat normal routine.

Chris took first place at the competition this weekend. He climbed very hard and aggressively. I took a lot of pictures and should have them posted in the next couple of days. I'll provide a link to the pictures and final results when they are posted.

Sunday morning we took a trip out to see the sunrise at the beach. This was our first trip since the time change. Pictures coming soon.

I am about ready to begin rolling out the alternative style sheets that I have been working on. Initially it will be just this main page and any other new or updated pages. Over time, the entire site will be updated but it will take a bit of time to regenerate all of the photo albums.

11 November 2006

Here is the latest scoop on my arm - it has been a busy week. As I mentioned earlier I saw the doctor last week and we agreed to take the fixator off on Monday. However, Sunday I noticed a bit of bleeding and swelling around one of the pin sites. This was the second pin from the wrist and closest to the break I suffered back on August 25th. I had put in a couple of calls on Sunday to the doctor, but there was no one on call. My only other option was to go to the emergency room. As it did not seem to be an emergency, I waited until Monday and would talk to the doctor.

Monday afternoon we drove down the Palm Bay Community Hospital arriving on schedule at 3:00pm. I talked to the doctor prior to surgery and explained what had happened on Sunday. I had also noticed a bit more sensitivity around the forearm as well. We went forward with the procedure. As they were giving me the anesthesia, I felt a burning sensation in my hand (where the I. V. was located) that slowly traveled up my arm. It reminded me of the scene from "The Matrix" where Neo touches the mirror and his arm begins turning the color of mercury. The doctor gave nod and that was the last thing I remember. When I came to, I must have really been out of it. I don't know what I did or said, but I do remember telling the nurse that, "I cannot be held responsible for my actions."

On Tuesday, we went to see my physical therapist who fitted me with a splint and we did some light therapy. The extension was not as good as last week but the flexion was at about the same point or 125 degrees. I was happy to see this because I had figured there would be some loss.

Wednesday was an unusually bad day as I was experiencing pain consistently at a level that I do not normally feel. Again, this was in the forearm. My two main concerns at this time were either a fracture or infection.

After calls to the doctor, I went for x-rays on Thursday and on Friday the doctor confirmed the I had suffered a fracture at the same location as the August 25th break. I am now in a cast for at least 6 weeks. The cast does allow for movement at the elbow and we must maintain the range that we've accomplished thus far. We will not be pushing for more range until the bone has healed and the cast come off.

The pain should subside in about two weeks, hopefully before the Thanksgiving weekend. I do find the cast holds the arm more firmly than the splint. But, now I have to take care to keep my arm dry while showering, again. It was nice for those couple days when I did not have to worry and I could shower like a normal person again.

Now we are off to another rock climbing competition. Today's competition will be held here in Melbourne and will be the last one until after the first of the year.

9 November 2006

When we made the hike to the top of Sentinel Dome while in Yosemite, I had taken a series of 23 pictures the panned the full 360 degrees around. I've made a few attempts to piece these together with minimal success. I could get the pictures aligned but the different exposure settings caused the colors to look drastically different from one picture to the next creating an unpleasant collage.

While reading a photography forum, I stumbled on a piece of software called AutoStitch. This is very cool. You just point it at a set of pictures and it figures out how to piece them together and adjusts the colors to make a seamless picture. Here is the panoramic view from the top of Sentinel Dome. Click on the link and then click on the image.

6 November 2006 ABS 8 - Orlando

Over the weekend, Chris competed at the competition in Orlando and finished 2nd place in the "Future Greats" (11 & under) category. The competition was tough but fantastic prizes were given out. Chris came home with a chalk bag and a DVD about rock climbing at Nepal.

3 November 2006

This morning I went and saw the surgeon to see how the arm is coming along and I received good news. The latest fracture is healed and everything is looking good. Physical therapy has been progress along as we are now reaching 126 degrees of flexion. So the doctor says we can remove the fixator. I am currently scheduled to go into "surgery" Monday afternoon, November 6th, at 4:30pm. I say surgery in quotes because it is really more of a procedure than a real surgery. I won't be under a general anesthesia and no scalpels involved this time. But they are doing this at the hospital and the medications will put me in "la-la" land for a little while. Afterwards, there will be a few stitches to be removed in a couple of weeks but nothing like what I've already had.

As for what happens next, I will have to wear a splint on my arm to reinforce the bone while the pin sites heal over the next several weeks. I'll still have to continue exercises and physical therapy for months to come, but progress is being made. I am planning on returning to work on the 13th of November. My return to climbing may be a while off still as the doctor recommended waiting about 6 months before I get on the wall again.

Tomorrow Chris will be competing at the bouldering competition in Orlando at the Aiguille Rock Climbing Center. Check back later for results and pictures.

27 October 2006

Hey everybody! The results of the Jacksonville competition have been posted. You'll find Chris in the Male Youth-D category. Good job Chris!

25 October 2006

An update to my CSS experimentation: I've created a new version of this page along with two different CSS files. One represents the original format and one shows the new look. If you are using the Firefox web browser, you can go to View->Page Style and switch between the different looks. If there is a similar feature with Internet Explorer 6.0, please let me know. I haven't found it yet.


I've been experimenting a bit with CSS today and have come up with a new look to the web page. Take a look and let me know if you like it or what you would like different. Or if you like this format, let me know that, too.

In an ideal situation, the html would be identical and the only difference would be the CSS file. I'm not quite there yet, but am making progress in that direction.

24 October 2006

We are still waiting for the official results of the Jacksonville competition to be posted to the www.rockcomps.com web site, but Chris did take 1st in his age group.

The competition runs for about four hours. About three hours into it, Chris decided he was done and sat down to resume reading a book from the Redwall series. With about fifteen minutes left, Vicky convinced him to give a route one more try. Chris put his shoes on and grabbed his chalk bag and headed to a yellow route worth over 800 points. He had tried this route several times, as had many older climbers, without success.

He began his climb and easily reached his previous best on the route. In fact, with 20+ people cheering him on, he climbed to within one hold away from the finish. With his left hand on a crimper, and his right on a giant sloper with a shelf, he couldn't quite make the finish.

After a brief rest, he gave it another shot. He quickly reached his previous position. This time, he managed to begin a mantle move on the shelf part of the sloper. I thought he was going to make it but he slipped and came down. But he has figured out the move that he needs to make.

After a five minute rest and only five minutes left in the competition. He gives it one more go. He quickly reaches his previous position just one hold away from the finish. This time he successfully mantles on the large green hold and bumps his left hand up to the finish. After matching his right hand on the finish, Chris does a big fist pump into the air as several people on the ground cheer for him. This route, worth 800+ points moved his total score from 2300 points up to 2800 points.

Next competition is in Orlando in two weeks.

With this particular photo album, I've experimented with putting a border and drop shadow to make the picture stand out a little bit. Let me know what you think.

17 October 2006

I saw the doctor Friday and it sounds like next time I go see him on November 3rd, we'll be discussing dates to have the fixator removed. In addition, the therapist and I ranged the arm to 124 degrees yesterday. Progress!

We just had a very nice visit from Vicky's mom over the weekend. Sunday morning we treated her to a spectacular sunrise out at the beach. This had to be one of the nicest sunrises we've seen in a while.

Christopher got in to the act and took some photos with his Nikon CoolPix L4 that he received for his birthday. His pictures are included into the photo album with filenames that begin with "DSCN".

12 October 2006

I've added a new section to share other photos that do not fall into one of the existing categories. Initially there are four photo albums I've created from various trips to the beach to watch the sun rise. One of the most exciting trips was the day that we discovered a sea turtle making its way down to the ocean.

Regarding the trip to Hawaii, I still haven't found my journal but I did find a set of pictures that Vicky had captured off of the CD from our night dive with the manta ray. This dive trip also include a twilight dive where we saw the reclusive garden eels as well as numerous other fish and eels swimming about.

10 October 2006

It is almost time for the rock climbing season to start up. In a couple of weeks the first bouldering competition of the season will be held in Jacksonville. Check out the rock climbing page for a complete list of the bouldering series comps this season.

9 October 2006

Some real good news today, we measured a significant increase in the range this morning. Granted, it took some stretching, pushing and pulling to get there. The goniometer measured 120 degrees. This marks the beginning of the functional range. This was very encouraging as Monday morning tend to be very difficult. I see the surgeon on Friday and I hope to have a better idea how much longer I have to wear this external fixator.

6 October 2006

Physical therapy is progressing and I received a bit of good news. The therapist said that it was no longer necessary to spend as much time excerpting the hand and wrist and to instead spend that time working the elbow and shoulder.

3 October 2006

I've put together a cut at a page for our trip to Yosemite during the summer of 2004.

The trip to Yosemite was one of the first vacations since going to a digital camera. When creating these vacation web pages, I found the following tips helpful:

  1. Keep a log. Even if the entries are brief, a log will help jar the memory of the activities of the day. Sometimes I look at a picture and think, "Where was that taken?" A log goes a long way in helping.
  2. Take lots of pictures. With the world of digital, one does not need to worry about wasting film or developing costs. You do need to take along a laptop or other storage medium to download the pictures. Or another option is to carry plenty of memory for the camera.
  3. Make sure the date is properly set on the camera. Many cameras store the date and camera settings along with the photo. Some use the date as part of the filename. In either case, this little bit of information is useful in recreating the trip.
  4. Take pictures of signs. Whether they are the entrance to a national park, trail guide to a waterfall, or the sign above the restaurant, these pictures remind us where we are and what we are looking at.
  5. When photographing children, have them give you a "goofy pose". Again, since we don't worry about film cost, we can take lots of pictures. Aside from getting a good laugh from these photos, it makes it easier to get a more serious pose if they get some of their goofiness out of their system.

24 September 2006

Even more exciting the the exercises, I've uploaded some images of the x-rays that have been taken at various stages over the last 7 months. Hard to believe it has been that long already - and at the same time, it seems to have been forever...

22 September 2006

I've updated the arm page with a description of all the exercises that I do during the day. Exciting stuff!

13 September 2006

I've uploaded all of the photo albums from our vacation to Hawaii to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

4 September 2006

I've given the web site a bit of an overhaul. I've applied the same look and feel to all of the pages and regenerated all of the photo albums. No new pictures, but the albums have a better visual appeal. If you notice any typos or see something out of place, please let me know so that I may correct it.

29 August 2006

I have put together a page describing the chronology of events associated with my broken arm.

25 August 2006

Today was a very bad day as the Ulna in my left arm snapped in a new location while at physical therapy.

22 August 2006

I have put together an initial cut at the Breckenridge vacation page.

15 August 2006

I have returned home from a recent stint in the hospital to have surgery on my arm to help recover the range of motion. I have an external fixator with five screws that go into the arm. Physical therapy is really tough right now, but on good days I can hit both limits on the range, 0° and 135°.

I found that my copy of Dreamweaver has arrived while I was away. So when I am not sleeping, exercising, or going to physical therapy, I will be working on becoming more proficient with Dreamweaver and making updates to this site.

27 July 2006

Well my trial version of Dreamweaver is about to run out. I have most of the content up on the web site from our latest vacation. Further updates will need to wait until I get a full version of Dreamweaver which is on order.